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Brad Attig revels in people succeed.

When it comes to building your business, I wholeheartedly believe that digital marketing, social media, great PR, and smart SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t just for the “big players.”  Just because you are a solo-entrepreneur or small business, there is no reason you can’t have a brand that resonates and a message that captivates customers.

Have you ever heard “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” It’s true and I want to help you meet your goals by creating a roadmap for success and ensuring you have the right tools to get there.  A plan which gets you noticed, separates you from the competition, and grows your business. Let’s talk about your needs, your goals and your dreams and let me be a partner in your success.

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I’ll help you with your business strategy, your branding, your marketing plan or all three. Then I’ll show you how to put everything in together to grow your business. Being a mix of part geek and part creative; I shift from analytic to innovative, strategic to tactical with ease and so I can help you get through all that “techy stuff” too because, let’s face it, all you really want to do is grow your business.

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How do we work together? We blend my understanding of consumer buying behavior, hands-on experience in digital marketing and entrepreneurial start-up experience with what you’re doing now with your business. We take a good look at how your customer perceives your business plus the tools you’re using today. Then we design a strategy that you can actually implement and measure the heck out of it with strong analytics.

We’ve been hearing all the buzz about using “content” and “story telling” to build a brand and create loyal customers. Well, it’s true and together we’ll create well-crafted, authentic storytelling that reinforces your brand and creative content that resonates with your customers and fans. Then we’ll leverage the amazing technology that’s out there for you to tell your story and reach your customers.

Together we’ll give your customers, current and potential, what they want to hear when they want to hear it. Plus we’ll give it to them how they want to hear it through desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or bongo drums. Leveraging tools such as a website, blog, social media platforms, email and/or great PR to communicate, your customers will grow to become advocates and your advocates, evangelists. Even more, the door will be open for the most valuable communication you can gain, feedback.

I’ll help remove the daunting task of figuring out “which social media platforms” and “what software programs” to use and we’ll identify the best practices for your brand to communicate in today’s digital world. From daily blogging, website content, good PR and other emerging ways, your message will engage your unique audience and be optimized for search which will improve your visibility and traffic (geek talk for “more sales”).

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BTW, if you are non-profit helping to make the world a better place or a local business that understands the meaning of sustainability and community you get the “special” treatment. I hold a special place for solo-entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits and underdogs in the business world and I know, as a small business or start-up, you don’t have a ton of cash to grow your business. I’ll work with you on that. Heck, I even barter sometimes.

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