Comcap 16

Michael Shuman

So what is Comcap16?

This is the second year that Comcap has been held in Portland Oregon. ComCap16 focuses on how to leverage the new state securities community laws to strengthen our nation’s local economies. Attendees include leaders from across the country—from legislators to lawyers, commissioners to community developers—as they connect in Portland to learn how to move investing back home.

Over thirty states have created new laws that allow ordinary citizens to invest in locally grown businesses, with a dozen more in the wings.

While these laws create the mechanism that makes local investing possible, strategies for successful implementation are crucial if communities are to reap the many benefits. ComCap16 is an opportunity for influential leaders to learn, share and connect with each other. They will also hear from national speakers on local economies and community capital.

One of the highlights has been a seminar by Michael Shuman titled “How to Make the Shift From Buy Local to Invest Local.” I’ve attached a great one-pager provided by Michael titled “Ten “Shocking Truths” About Small Business.” Some of these are pretty enlightening and we all need to help spread the word.

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