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Unless you have been under a rock, you probably have heard at least some noise about Facebook Graph Search (and if you haven’t and want to use Social Media to connect with your customers, you need to get out from under that rock). Graph search allows users to search through their connections “likes” to find solutions (think businesses) they like. So how does that work?

Instead of searching for “Chinese food in Corvallis, OR” they can search for “Chinese food my friends like in Corvallis, OR.” Big difference there my little camping buddies. Word of mouth meets Facebook. Who do you trust more, your BFF Susie or an ad in the local paper?

So if you are a business, you need to look at how your page is set up. Most businesses set up a “Page” which we tend to still call a Fan Page. However, if you set up a business page with a location, it really becomes a “Place” page. What is also problematic is that someone can “check in” and have created a “Place” page for you. While this blog isn’t going to touch on that, you can read this great post by Sam Scholfield @ and learn some tricks.

You want to be found, I assume so,  Chinese restaurant in Corvallis, OR, listen up.  If you don’t have a Facebook Page for you business, log onto Facebook as you and create one.  Check to make sure one hasn’t been created and if it has, claim it.  Facebook does a nice job explaining this.  If you want to appear in a search for “Chinese restaurants in Corvallis” then make sure you are listed as a “restaurant” with a sub-category of “Chinese” and that your About section lists you as being located in Corvallis Oregon.

What else can you do?

  • Always be building your following by aggressively seeking Likes!
  • Try some Facebook ads and Promoted Posts
  • Make sure your website has a like box
  • Encourage customers to take photos while dining and upload them to Facebook (offer a free, special desert).
  • Share great content

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