Google+, For Your Small Business

Google+ Hangouts LogoOk, I’ll be the first to admin that if you ask, most people will tell you they don’t use Google+. They do but sometimes don’t know it. I happen to love some of Google+ and hate some of it. I get lost setting things up and it isn’t as intuitive as it should be. But, and this is a big but, its Google and we all know the search world revolves around Google. So its worth the time to learn and use Google+

First, do you have a Google+ page for your business? If not, let’s set one up. If you have a gmail account then just go to and set up your personal Google+ page. If you are ever planning on posting content on a blog, you definitely want a Google+ page for the authorship and search benefits. What good is writing something and putting it on the web if no one finds it? If you don’t have a gmail account, then click here. 

Now go set up your business page here. It’s pretty easy so I don’t think you need directions. I’ll write in a future post how to make the page look great and customize your new Google+ business page.

Most people ask me if they should use Facebook or Google+. They should use both as they are vastly different. Facebook is a social network. Google+ is a new platform, think Google 2.0. It integrates with every Google product from YouTube to AdWords to Gmail to, guess what? Google search.  It’s also much more robust.

Circles in Google+ are like communities or neighborhoods. There is an opportunity to have a much more robust level of engagement with a group of people that share a commonality.

Then there is my total favorite, Hangouts on Air. Like GoToMeeting on steroids and they can record to YouTube. That means you are creating content in 2 places and you can reuse that content in multiple ways. Reuse, recycle….


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