Handling Content Overload – Part 2

Coming to grips with content

Expose Overload photo by Mike Petrucci Flickr Creative CommonsIn part 1, I introduced you to my mastermind (tongue in cheek) content management system of using Feedly, Pocket and Evernote to keep content organized. I never really told you what I meant by “content.” Content is all the stuff I find on the internet and all the stuff  sent to me by email and all the stuff I follow on a lot of blogs. That’s lots of stuff.

Feedly handles everything from all the blogs I follow and lets me save to Pocket. So what do I do when I find something cool while browsing on the internet? I use the Chrome Save to Pocket extension. What do I do when I have an email that has a link I want to save? I simple send an email to with the link in the body of the email.  Just know that the first time you send a link to, you will need to confirm your email address. One more great thing is you can send from multiple email addresses.

Get Pocket Logo www.bradattig.comSo now, I’ve loaded up Pocket but Feedly and my inbox are empty or manageable and I’m not going to miss something I found while browsing or that link you just sent me of the skier going off the cliff.  Plus all of us go down the rabbit hole when we are on the internet. We go to search for a recipe for Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies and the next thing you know, we’re looking at a page on how to build a tree house out of old pallets. To get back on task, we can do one of three things. Try to remember that we need to look at the tree house pallet page this weekend and hope we can find it, bookmark it and then search our millions of bookmarks all weekend or toss it into Pocket and tag it treehouse.

Chewy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies from Paleo Table

I go with Pocket because my memory is turning to sh*t and Pocket displays things in such a cool way plus you can tag things. BTW, you can find the recipe at Paleo Table.

So now with everything in Pocket I find myself going there a few times a day. Like when I have time to read over a site I saved earlier or when I’m writing an article or blog, doing research or working on a presentation.

Pocket serves as my intermediate holding cell or a secondary sorted inbox. Yes I know you organization freaks don’t like that concept so sorry. Some things have been Pocket for a long time and some I just tossed in while I was writing this blog and needed a recipe. Another great thing is since Feedly, Pocket and Evernote all are web based, you can access them from anywhere on almost any smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a friends old desktop.

Go to Pocket

In part 3, I’ll explain the role that Evernote has in this mastermind content management system. Plus a little bonus on how I use IFTTT (huh?).

Photo by Mike Petrucci – Flickr Creative Commons

(btw, Mike has some beautiful bike photos)

Handling Content Overload – Part 1


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