How We Develop Social Strategy

Social Strategy cannot be created in a vacuum.  The first step we take when meeting with a prospective client is to spend some time getting to know them, their aspirations, needs and  challenges.

Danger Quicksand Sign

Here at we understand that many clients come to us with minimal knowledge of just how social media can impact their business and what solutions are available and fitting for their unique business needs.

We strive to understand the business as it is today, the marketplace, the target consumer, the strengths and weaknesses in the current business plan and future goals and objectives.  One critical area we look aa is what marketing efforts are currently being utilized and how is the overall marketing strategy being implemented.  It’s our belief that if a business doesn’t have a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan then adding social media to the mix is the equivalent of throwing a concrete block to someone already up to their knees or more in quicksand.

Social media marketing strategy augments a good marketing plan, it does not replace it.

Once it is ascertained that a solid traditional marketing strategy is in place, we create a social strategy road map and recommendations, ensuring it fits within budget and will bring a positive return.  To this point, there is no charge for our services.

Our goal is to provide you with a plan of action that will ultimately create a conversational marketing environment where you can learn from your customers and they can learn from you.  Everyone wins when that dialogue is taking place.

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