Life Lessons From a Hedgehog

Cute Hedgehog on

Everybody loves a Hedgehog. In fact, hedgehog videos are more popular than kitten videos on YouTube (I just made that up but I’d share hedgehog videos more often if they were). Who knew that you might learn a life lesson from one of these cute little things?

I read a lot of articles over at 99U by Behance. The articles run from design to motivation to marketing and I’d encourage you to add 99U to your list.

Today’s favorite explains how finding your personal hedgehog will help you find happiness and purpose. Sounds good to me. Start with Jim Collins’ book , Good to Great, where he coins the phrase Personal Hedgehog. Then move on to Tony Khuonh of Agile Lifestyle’s blog post, “Personal Hedgehog 2.0: Discover What You’re Meant To Do.”

You can start with the blog post on 99U that brought all this to my attention, “Find Your HedgeHog & Find Your Purpose”. Written by Maria Gronlund, she says “There’s a good chance that you’re good at what you do, and hopefully you’re being paid well for it. But are you passionate about what you do or is it just a paycheck?”

Since we’re just getting into 2015, now is a good time to ask and answer that question and starting with these three authors might help you find what you are truly good at.

And finally, for you trivia lovers, this from Wikipedia. In 2006, responding to pressure in Great Britain, McDonalds changed the design of their McFlurry containers there to be more hedgehog-friendly. Previously, hedgehogs would get their heads stuck in the container as they tried to lick the remaining food from inside the cup.

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