LinkedIn’s Social Strategy

LinkedIn's Social Strategy

Social Strategy at the Big B2B Player

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been making quite a lot of changes, some driven by a desire to have a larger social strategy presence and some driven by bottom-line economics. In August, the social network, the dominate player in the B2B social market, started a fairly radical profile page redesign, promising more “changes to come” and they have. Some of these changes have been wholesale redesigns and some more like a model year update. A couple things to take note of.

Meet the New LinkedIn Profile: A Better Way to Connect and Build Relationships

When LinkedIn announced in their blog the changes to personal profiles, that was their exact heading. Sounds to me they want you to work on your social strategy with them instead of anyone else. The new layout certainly has some positives. Images and activity are featured more prominently as are your skills so you better have great pictures, well written content and stay involved in updating your activity and profile. LinkedIn has greatly enhanced your ability, through better visual insights, to find what you have in common with the the people and companies in your network. So updating your skills is another important consideration. Plus, this allows your to locate others you should be networking with.

For instance, you may follow ABC Corp. and if one of your skills is social strategy, you will be able to see others at ABC Corp that have that skill as well. A valuable tool for you to build your professional social network.

Just yesterday LinkedIn announced some other changes including the removal of some of the more popular application that many people have used including the SlideShare app and the WordPress app. Since LinkedIn purchased SlideShare earlier this year, one has to expect a more robust and improved integration is coming shortly.

Company Profile Updates

Company profile changes are important if you have a business presence on LinkedIn, even if you are a sole proprietor. Quite a while back, LinkedIn started by expanding the ability to post your products and services on a separate tab. Then LinkedIn allowed you the ability to send status updates to your followers. The problem was that most followers were either employees, recruiters or competitors. Now, LinkedIn has given company profiles the ability to send a status update to a targeted audience of followers. That audience can be delineated by Location, Seniority, Industry, Function and Size of Employer. You can also select to remove employees from an update. This ability opens up some new social strategy considerations.

For one, I think it makes company profiles much more valuable from a social recruitment perspective. If you have many of your competitors employees following you and you have a need for a new Director of Manufacturing in your Oil and Gas division, you can target that group specifically to alert them of your need. You also might use it just to build your employment brand, pointing out great things happening at ABC Corp.

If your a smaller business or sole proprietor who engages in primarily in B2B, you now have a social platform that might make sense to invest time into a company page so that you can better target select followers on pertinent updates.

More changes are coming, if you like to see the future, Hubspot was included in the first phase. Expect more changes on both the Company and Personal  profiles and be sure to evaluate how they fit into your own social strategy.

Brad Attig Social Strategist

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