Social Media is Just a Fad or Facebook is not for my Business

I still hear thAnother Fad?ese two phrases all the time.  It’s pretty surprising and I’d like to say that these are the same people that think the earth is flat, but most of them run pretty successful businesses.  I’ve come to the conclusion that many business owners still make statements like “Social media is just a fad” or “Facebook won’t help my business” out of frustration.  Frustration which comes from either not understanding the medium, being overwhelmed by it or just not having any time to take a close look at it.

A Social Media Study Worth Looking At

Lab42, which is a pretty respected market research firm just released a study that found that 50% of consumers value a brands Facebook page more than that brands website.  If that percentage doesn’t make you sit up and take notice then you are probably dead.  There are some other interesting results from the survey in that many visitors think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands and most, 77% visit to get special offers or coupons.  What scares me is that even though 82% felt that interacting on Facebook with a brand is a reason to “like” the brand, only 35% felt the brands were listening to them.

Couple that with another study that showed that nearly all posts on brand pages go unanswered and you can see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Beat your competition by having a well thought out Facebook page and strategy and make sure you are answering your fans questions.  This works for any business and I promise, it isn’t a fad.

Check out this cool infographic while you’re here.

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