Social Media No-No’s – Hijacking the Facebook Feed

Image of Multiple TractorsIf most of you are like me, you “Like” a page for one of a few reasons.  You might be asked by the friend that put the page up, you might like a page to show support or you might like a like a page to get hear what is going on and keep up on news.  I enjoy flipping through the timeline.  It is easier than email and easier to comment, share or ignore.  I don’t have to feel the pain of hitting the delete button and it’s always current.  There is a social media no-no that you need to know about and that is when someone “Hijacks my (your) Facebook Timeline.”

What does that mean?  We all have the person that posts incessantly, invites you to every new game they play (get a life), or suddenly on Saturday morning, “catches up” on their postings filling your and my timeline with 8, 12 or more posts in a couple of hours.  If it’s a person doing it, I usually direct message them and say, “I love the pictures but 12 in a row is overkill, create an album and if I’m interested, I’ll look at it.”

What do you do if it is a business that you’ve liked doing it?  Statistics say, most people just “unlike” the page.  It’s similar to the old adage that only about 1 out of 10 people will actually tell you about your poor customer service.  Here is a great article “6 Common Reasons People Unlike Your Facebook Page…” Note that 1, 2 & 3 are all about posting too much.  It’s great that you have so much content to share but how you share it is critical.

Here is what got me off on this rant today.  I “Liked” to View from the Tractor on Facebook.  I think it’s a start up Facebook page for Interact Education, Inc. but their website doesn’t seem to be up either.  It’s a classic case of trying to do good (you all know how much I support sustainability, local, organic and all things such).  They only have 40 some likes, so despite this call-out, please give them some Like Love.”  I think I connected with them  as a result of my love of the Excelsior Inn in Eugene and the Excelsior Farm Facebook page and I saw a post by View from the Tractor.

Anyways, someone at View from the Tractor, got into the posting mood this morning and posted 8 or 9 posts in less than 2 hours.  All good content but it just floods someone’s timeline and is really not the way to make friends.  These guys are just starting and I’ll give them some slack but when and if you have several hundred fans liking you, you need to understand how and when to post.  Do you look at your Facebook stats to see what is going on with your unsubscribes?  If not, you should.

Enter the Social Media Dilemma.

“So Brad, I only have a little time each week to post, what am I supposed to do?”

Try Buffer.  You can sit down, create a number of posts and schedule them so that the people that love you enough to like you don’t dislike you.  If you are a small business focusing on making the world a better place or a non-profit, send me an email, I’ll help you for free to get Buffer up and running.  Better yet, if you let me refer you to Buffer, we both get extra posts from them, keeping both our costs low.

Click here to let me refer you to Buffer and help you get it set up.

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