Social Road Tripping for the Sake of Social Media?

Hiking along the American RiverSocial Road Tripping?

Yes, probably not a term you hear too often, if ever.  But social road tripping is what two of my colleagues and I are planning to do tomorrow, Thursday.  We’re heading down to Coloma, CA for a week of social interaction and networking. Donna McMaster, a highly talented web developer and Amy Williams of Dasso Design, a creative graphic designer and branding specialist are my travel companions (as well as colleagues here at the MAC).  I hope to interact with  a number of small business owners to learn what challenges they have in implementing social media in their businesses.

We’ll be returning to Donna’s old stomping grounds where she has a number of clients and a long list of friends.  Amy has been down there as well, having done some of the design work on the sites Donna has developed.  It will be my first trip.

We’re planning on both playing and working hard as it is the American River Festival weekend.  So we’ll be doing some whitewater rafting on Sunday, with a great group of people from Mother Load River Center and dinner that night at The LoCo BBQ Company.

Then we get serious and start the week with breakfast at a great local bakery, Sierra Rizing (hey, we gotta eat!).

Tuesday, I am presenting a Social Media Workshop to members of the Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce (non-member businesses are welcome too, here is the registration). It’s being hosted at the American River Resort.

We’re staying through Wednesday night and are hoping for Donna to see a lot of old friends, plus introduce Amy and I so we can make some great new friends.  That’s what being Social is all about.  Networking, connecting and re-connecting, making new friends and learning about them.

Stay tuned to the MAC facebook page as well as our individual pages for updates.  I plan on checking in everywhere I go and leveraging as many social media platforms as I can, when I’m not eating or playing or networking.

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