Social Strategy and Design Considerations

Amy Dasso and Katy AnkromIt’s all well and good to create a social strategy.  There are a lot of people who can write something that looks great on paper.  Then you get handed some pages, nicely bound hopefully, with a clear cover and a pretty graphic, and are told, “here’s all you need.”  Thanks, and by the way, here is our invoice.

At, we don’t just give you some abstract plan of attack, we ensure you have everything you need to implement and execute.  This includes strategy, tools, design, implementation, training, monitoring and ongoing review.

A picture is worth a thousand words and recognizing customers are becoming more and more visually driven is a key facet to building a strong social media program.  That is where can help you to stand out from your competition.

As a member of the Madison Avenue Collective,, we have access to some of the most talented, creative and innovative graphic designers available.  Professionals who can help you to better define your brand and create compelling graphics that work within the boundaries and confines that each social medium requires.  It’s important to understand that your existing logo might not fit on a Facebook business page or work on a company LinkedIn page.  Each social site has specific graphic requirements both image size and file size and it pays to work with a professional who understands these nuances.  At we have those people sitting next to us.

This is the reason we recommend that even if you are just starting out with your website as stage one, you work with our team to chart your social media strategy at the same time.  It is both cost effective and saves valuable time when you are ready to get social.  It’s folly to embark on a website project, whether it be a redesign or a new site without a complete marketing plan and a great marketing plan should have a complete section dedicated to social media strategy.

Amy Dasso of Dasso Design and Katy Ankrom of work hand in hand with our clients to create compelling branding and graphics tailored specifically to social media channels.  Amy’s new website is almost live but you can check out her Facebook page and get an idea of who she is.  Katy also has a new site about to go live but in the meantime, you can see some of her work by viewing her portfolio. BTW, Amy is in the background and Katy is in the foreground.

Engaging the right talent early saves money, time and frustration and will get you on the path to having a conversation with your customers before your competition does.

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