Social Strategy for the Small Business – Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce Presentation

Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce WorkshopI had the great fortune last night to present to a number of small businesses at an event organized by the Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce.  First I’d like to thank Howard Penn and Christina Pugliese for putting this together and the American River Resort for hosting the event. We had about 20 small business owners gather.  I attempted to condense all the world’s social media marketing knowledge into a 40 minute presentation and a 40 minute question and answer period.

Some of the challenges a small business faces are finding time, energy and resources.  Most small businesses simply don’t have enough of any of them.  Another challenge, which some may not readily admit,  is that the small business owner is usually fiercely independent and always wanting to do as much as they can themselves.  In my observations, this is a significant hindrance to creating and implementing an effective social media marketing strategy.

I once wrote here about “The Speed of Light and Social Media” and my key point was that is is very difficult to keep up with the changes in social media. Many small business owners end up with a “set it and forget it” strategy and the result does more harm than good.  Hiring some qualified help to get going in the first year is a wise investment.  Owners and staff can learn to handle many day-to-day social tasks but the medium changes too much to rely fully on internal assistance.  If a business truly wants to leverage social they would do well to keep a professional on retainer who can monitor and review their day-to-day activities and bring to light new platforms and applications.

The PowerPoint presentation I put together for the event can be downloaded here and by doing so, you will be signed up for our monthly newsletter (yes one a month) where we highlight the top 10 newsworthy happenings in social media.  Whether you attended or not, the presentation is worth looking at.  Also, I’m always available for a free, yes free, no obligation consultation.  I have a passion for small businesses and great communities and the hospitality I’ve received here is overwhelming.

Thank you all for letting me in to your community!


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