Social Strategy and Simplicity

Simple rocks on waterWhen I finally sat down to write my first blog, of hopefully many here at, I struggled with the subject title.  When I first moved back to Oregon and started to sort out what I was going to do, I struggled with my message.  What I’ve learned in the past few months as I launched and the last few days as I’ve worked on Simplicity and Social Strategy, is to go back to my roots and my philosophy and keep it simple.

I’ve branded myself as a “Social Strategist.”  So what exactly is a social strategist and why do I have the right to call myself one?

There is a great infographic about being a “Social Strategist” and when you read through it, you will find that the even at the corporate level the definition is muddled.

What I try to do is take the complexity out of social strategy and distill it into a simple and executable way to create and communicate a message.  My eye is always focused on using the tools to drive revenue and increase profits while building a platform for a business to engage in conversational marketing.

What gives me the right to write about “Social Strategy?”

We’ll in the early years of my career, I was a Buyer for Macy’s.  In 1989, I purchased and sold more “Bart Simpson” tee’s than anyone else in the US.  Who would have thought that an animated TV show would be celebrating 25 years?

At Target, as  the Infant and Toddler’s buyer, I pushed hard to create a new playwear label called CIRCO.  It is the single best selling private label children’s apparel label in the world and is still found on the Target floor today.

As a VP of Service Quality for Citibank in Manhattan, NY, I was involved in a major push to create a relationship based consumer banking model.

While I was recruiting I experienced first hand the growth and development of the internet as Monster, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn significantly changed the landscape.  I had one of the first internet researchers working for me.

I created my own internet business assisting others navigate social media and create their own on-line brand to propel my clients careers.  I served as the Director of Business Development and Marketing for a hot, pre-IPO internet business where we doubled our membership in 1 year to nearly 130K.

I’m an early adopter and I’m a risk taker, two things you have to be to be successful in social strategy.  I’m also a numbers geek so metrics are special to me.  I understand how to anticipate a need, create a brand and how to stay on brand.

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