Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding that resonates

No one lives more for business strategy, marketing and branding and than us. We work diligently with you to completely understand your business and evaluate your current marketing and branding strategies.  We learn the business challenges you face.  By taking the time to listen to you, we’re able to devise and suggest new, improved and unique ways for you to reach your customers.  We are also able to help you achieve the laser focus your brand deserves.  This  includes leveraging the appropriate social media platforms, be they Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or a well thought out email campaign.  Be sure to read our recent blog post, Social Brainstorming and Your Business.

Websites & Social Media Integration that engages

Whether starting out at the beginning or working with an existing site we can assist you to create a truly engaging website design that integrates seamlessly the appropriate social media platforms for your marketing strategy.  No longer will Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn be an afterthought. We don’t expect you to become an social expert but we do make sure you know what the tools at your disposal can do for your business. Check out this  short list of some of the areas we can help you become more effective at engaging your customers, both current and new.

Design, Print and Packaging that rocks

We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to designing a website which effectively integrates with social media.  We have fantastic designers that are completely versed in the subtle yet critical differences required to effectively maximize your social exposure.  They also can keep you on brand, ensuring your print and packaging materials are as on brand as your website.  Let us show you what our developers and designers can do for you and read our blog post, Social Strategy and Design Considerations.

Technology that works

Everyone recognizes that the social world is moving faster than the speed of light. How do you know what to use and how to use it? We work 24 x 7 to ensure you get the best consulting advice. As students in the University of Social Media, we study hard and strive to keep current on every change and how they could impact your business and your customers.  Here are some of the ways we keep you up on changes in technology that can impact your business.

Content that gets read

No social strategy is successful without excellent content to attract and engage your customers.  We are experts in creating copy, selecting images and curating video that is fresh, unique and interesting.  We pride ourselves on assisting our clients to learn and master content marketing.  See how social content will work for you to engage your customers. You need ways to engage your customers.  Ask us about contests, sweepstakes and other innovative social media solutions to grow and engage your community.  Sure, we do traditional advertising as well, but we also know ways to get you notices that have ROI’s that are out of this world.