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Here’s a link to Google+ help and a great article titled “Google+ vs Facebook: Why Google+ Should Dominate Your 2014 Marketing Strategy”   Continue reading

Social Media and the Holidays

Hi there, Yesterday, I put up Christmas lights in the Oregon rain for my mother.  Today, I have the cold to prove it, however the holidays are upon us and we move forward.  The greatest thing about social media is that you …   Continue reading

Social Media – Quantity or Quality

I see billions (well maybe not billions) but a lot of articles all talking about Facebook “Likes.”  Some of these articles attempt to assign a value to a Facebook like.  Some discuss how to get 2000 likes in a day. Others …   Continue reading

The Speed of Light and Social Media

Light beams

It’s commonly accepted that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.  I believe we have surpassed the speed of light with the speed of how things change in social media. Not a single day goes by where social …   Continue reading

Social Media Strategy as an Afterthought

Bridge ending over the ocean

I have a social media strategy. Most of the businesses I talk with, approach their social strategy as an afterthought to their current business strategy.  I always ask, “What are you doing now to drive business in your door?” and …   Continue reading