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Here’s a link to Google+ help and a great article titled “Google+ vs Facebook: Why Google+ Should Dominate Your 2014 Marketing Strategy”   Continue reading

LinkedIn’s Social Strategy

Social Strategy at the Big B2B Player Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been making quite a lot of changes, some driven by a desire to have a larger social strategy presence and some driven by bottom-line economics. In …   Continue reading

Social Media and the Holidays

Hi there, Yesterday, I put up Christmas lights in the Oregon rain for my mother.  Today, I have the cold to prove it, however the holidays are upon us and we move forward.  The greatest thing about social media is that you …   Continue reading

Your Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy

Chart of Cyber Monday Sales

Are you getting in on the Cyber Monday action with your business marketing?  Do you even know what Cyber Monday is?  According to Wikipedia, all things knowing, Cyber Monday is: “Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after …   Continue reading

Social Media – Quantity or Quality

I see billions (well maybe not billions) but a lot of articles all talking about Facebook “Likes.”  Some of these articles attempt to assign a value to a Facebook like.  Some discuss how to get 2000 likes in a day. Others …   Continue reading

How We Develop Social Strategy

Danger Quicksand Sign

Social Strategy cannot be created in a vacuum.  The first step we take when meeting with a prospective client is to spend some time getting to know them, their aspirations, needs and  challenges. Here at we understand that many clients come to us …   Continue reading