The Speed of Light and Social Media

It’s commonly accepted that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.  I believe we have surpassed the speed of light with the speed of how things change in social media.Light beams

Not a single day goes by where social media and the tools change.  Sometimes they are big announcements which receive tons of fanfare yet really don’t move the needle that much and other times they are small changes that go unnoticed but can have a big impact.

Then there is the constant evolution of new services and products.  No sooner did Pinterest take off than Bolt emerged.  Facebook rolled out its timeline and Google+ responded with their new timeline image header.

What is a small or medium sized business to do?  Already overwhelmed staff, just trying to keep a halfway decent Facebook presence can’t possibly keep up with the onslaught of change.  Change is good, but it can be highly distractive.

Beginning at the end of this month, we’re going to try to help.  You’ll be able to sign up for a Social Media Monthly Update newsletter.  Yes, once a month.  In that newsletter, we’re going to highlight what we feel are the highlights of the month in social media and explain why and how you can use them to increase your conversational marketing with your customers.

In a day or two, you will be able to sign up by clicking on the Tab under Stay Social on any page of

Meanwhile, if you want to sign up now, you can click this link.

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