Update on our Coloma, CA Travel from my Social Media Prospective

We began Sunday by attending one of the American River Festival events watching the Slalom Kayak Race at the Nugget Campground.  Donna McMaster was right out there on the edge, photographing the event and took over 500 pictures.  We’ll share them on a cool social media platform when we have some down time.

That afternoon, Amy Williams and I were treated to a ½ day whitewater raft trip on the South Fork of the American RiverMother Lode River Center, our rafting outfitter is a longstanding client of Donna’s.  Mother Lode has not only been in business for 40 years but during that entire time has strived to provide leadership and a huge commitment to river conservation.

The vision of the Mother Lode River Center is the achievement of “healthy people, living in equitable and sustainable societies, in balance with the natural world.”

Amy and I can’t say enough about how well we were treated by everyone on their staff.  Our guide, Aaron Root was knowledgeable, worldly and highly motivated by conservation and sustainability.  Not only did we learn about rafting the river, we discussed a host of social issues that are meaningful to both Amy and I.

As I recover from sore muscles and write this, I’m at a cabin at the American River Resort, its dark and every star in the universe is visible. I have the wonderful luxury of sitting here, listening to the water rush past through the rapids called “Troublemaker.”  How apropos!

Amy and Donna are at another great place a little further down the river, listening to another rapid “Barking Dog”, no reflection on the occupants.

I’ve had two days to meet the folks here that pour their passion and soul into life.  From what I’ve gathered, there is the on-season and the off-season.  A good on-season means you can pay the bills while, as the bartender told me tonight, “Hibernate during the off-season.”  How do you have a social media strategy that takes that into account?

I’m presenting to the Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday discussing social media and now, armed with a greater understanding of the culture of Coloma, I have to completely rework my thoughts and presentation.  It’s darn hard to work at the computer while I’m in a place as beautiful as here.

More importantly, I have to get to Whitewater Photos this morning.  They set up on a couple of great rapids and shoot photos of the rafts coming through.  Amy and I were in the bow and I’m hoping there is a great shot to share with everyone.

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